Senior Mooting is frequently regarded as the most challenging, prestigious, and rewarding competition a law student can participate in. A moot is a simulated judicial proceeding in an appeal court based on a mock scenario. Within a moot there are no witnesses, juries, or clients; there is simply a hypothetical legal point which is unclear.
Your job as the mooter is to clarify this point in favour of your position. In Senior Mooting there are four competitors per courtroom: a senior and junior Appellant, and a senior and junior Respondent. The Appellant is the party bringing forward the appeal, whilst the Respondent is the party attempting to assert that the original judgement was appropriate.
The competition is unique because it tests competitors’ research and writing skills during the preparatory days before testing the oral skills of competitors when they present oral submissions. Expect to be questioned and queried by the judges so they can test your knowledge on your argument. Successful competitors in mooting are those with accuracy in law and refined oratory skills. This can only be achieved through proper preparation. Be sure to use your preparatory days wisely and make your submissions are strong.


General Round 1: Monday 19 March 2018

General Round 2: Monday 2 April 2018

Semi Finals: Monday 9 April 2018

Grand Final: Monday 16 April 2018


Senior Mooting Competition Rules

Senior Mooting Competition Rules

Senior Mooting Score Sheet


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Mooting Seminar PowerPoint

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General MSLS Competition Regulations

MSLS Competition Regulations


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